• Cathy Britell has an excellent website to help with autoharp instruction, especially recommended for anyone beginning to play autoharp.  Cathy has released the second edition of her autoharp instruction manual, “It’s an Autoharp,” complete with a 47-track learning CD…click on “books” in her website.
  • Hal Weeks is best known for his YouTube video series “Stalking the Wild Autoharp.”   His lessons provide more than just understanding how to play the Autoharp but includes additional information on purchasing, finger picks, and music theory.
  • Lucille Reilly provides array of information, performance details, instruction offerings and merchandise for fans, listeners and musicians, and everyone who loves the hammered dulcimer and autoharp.
  • Karen Mueller an experienced teacher in a wide range of settings: private lessons, workshops at camps and festivals, school residencies, and school general music classes.
  • Jo Ann Smith You will never see an autoharp the same way again.
  • A list of Autoharp teachers provided by Cyberpluckers .


  • Augusta Heritage is best known for intensive week-long workshops that attract several hundred participants annually.  Of special interest to autoharp players is Spring Augusta Week (previously known as Spring Dulcimer Week). The Augusta Heritage Center is located at Davis and Elkins College in Elkins, WV.
  • Swannanoa Gathering  offers a series of summer workshops in various folk arts held on the campus of Warren Wilson College near Asheville, NC.  Autoharp instruction is featured in Old-Time Week.
  • John C. Campbell Folk School  provides year-round week-long and weekend classes for adults in craft, art, music, dance, cooking, gardening, nature studies, photography, and writing.  Check their calendar for musical listings.  The Folk School is located at Brasstown, in the far south-west corner of North Carolina.

Instructional Handouts

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