Songs and Tunes

Britell Jamming Handout, by Cathy Britell, used by permission.  Includes a dozen popular instrumental tunes arranged for autoharp.

Charles Whitmer has arranged over 500 songs specifically for autoharp and these are now available for sale in packets of 12 songs each.  All of these songs are in the public domain and may be ordered using a form included in the brochure.  The song arrangements are at an intermediate to advanced level of playing skill, except for the Beginning Level music packet.  Charles states that all music pages have been written out for autoharp in standard music notation and autoharp tablature that he created on computer using Sibelius, a music notation software program.  He recently revised his book once again and converted all of the lessons recordings to MP3 files and is offering this set of lessons FREE of charge in digital format as digital downloads as I have allowed the paper version to go out of print.

Anyone who would like this set of lessons is now free to download the book and the 8 audio file lessons that go along with it.  The book can be downloaded onto any device to view as well as it can be printed out on paper as there is no restrictions on the files. There are 8 songs in the book.  Everything can be found on his  Google Drive.   This set of lessons may also prove helpful for anyone who might be teaching someone else how to play autoharp and anyone is free to make copies to share of any of this.

The Kitchen Musician website features Scots, English, Irish, and American tunes.  Maintained by Maynard and Sara Johnson, there are literally scores of tunes and songs–reels, jigs, airs, marches, polkas, etc.–posted with both sheet music and MIDI available.  Additional tunes and songs have been pulled together in a number of books and recordings offered for sale on the website.

Doofus Music  This is the home page of the music group Doofus, comprising Neal and Coleen Walters and John and Heidi Cerrigione.  Click on Tablature to see a list of several dozen songs and tunes chorded for autoharp.